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Get Your Miracle Mojo Back!
Attract Endless Energy, Focus, Clarity and More Prosperity...
"All too often successful manifestations are inconsistent leading to endless frustration. 

The TRUTH is that Miracles DON'T exist outside of Natural Law. Therefore, there is a formula to create miracles in any area of life."
Did you know that there is a scientific method to creating miracles? 

Miracles aren’t supernatural phenomena. They are the NATURAL LAWS being expressed in a way that our brains don’t may not comprehend. 

The secret to creating miracles in your life is in mastering your thoughts, intentions and emotions. In other words, YOUR ENERGY!
mir·a·cle - ˈmirək(ə)l/ - noun

"A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency."
Sheevaun Moran developed the Energy Mastery® System through a near death experience due to too much stress and not enough clarity. It combines ancient principles with modern science and technology to solve life challenges at the causal level; the subtle energetic level. 

This allows our students to succeed in six key areas of their life ~ financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually...

This level of study is for those who are called to a bigger mission, vision and want to get into alignment with their true contribution to the world.
Sheevaun Moran, Founder and CEO of Energy Mastery®
Your vibrational frequency is what attracts the people, places, things and events of your life. If you were to pause, and look at your current circumstances, what you’ll see is the exact result of your vibrational frequency. 

Do you like what you see? 

If you’re like most people, you’re liking some it, and some it...well...not so much. 

Am I right? 

Now, there are a LOT of methods out there to raise your 'Vibes.' You’ve probably even tried some of them, like positive thinking, affirmations or vision boards. But they fell short of creating the REAL miracle you wanted. 

Want to know why? 

THE Miracle Formula...
It all comes down to your ENERGY. The trouble is that most methods have it completely WRONG. 

They try to change the way you think without ever teaching you the tools to shift your energy. Or, they seek to create a shift in your energy without cleaning up the thinking that created the problem to begin with. 

Secret Energy of Miracles solves the energy and the psychology for a complete solution. 

Here's What You'll Accomplish with Secret Energy of Miracles...
Banish Stress
Stress is by far the biggest underlying cause of fatigue, illness and disease. 

You'll learn a simple way to instantly shift your energy in stressful situations.

Instead of shutting down, or freaking out, challenging situations can now become your greatest opportunities to expand and grow- without all the stress and drama.

You can even learn to solve these problems before they even happen! 
Achieve Clarity
In our busy modern world we lose vast amounts of energy, constantly bouncing from one thing to the next. 

What if you could achieve clarity in minutes and recover all of that wasted energy? 

You'll learn how in the very first Module. 
Removes Your Money Blocks
Thoughts and conversations about money bring up some really interesting things in our energy and beliefs. 

The truth is that unless you have the income you want with total financial freedom, then there is more work to do. 

Sheevaun has built multi-million dollar companies from scratch, and brings her unique wisdom so you can eliminate stress around money and create the prosperity you desire. 
Harness The Hidden and Secret Power of Words
Our thoughts and words actually have a profound impact on your energy. 

How profound? Well, you'll actually get to measure it for yourself.

What's more, they can make or break your miracle mojo. 

You'll learn why affirmations don't have a lasting effect, and what you can do instead to speak miracles into being. 
Eliminates Limiting Stories Beliefs
Have you ever thought that you solved an old story or limiting belief, and then, out of nowhere, it rears it’s head again.

There is actually a really good reason for this, and it’s something that most people have NO idea about. 

Even if you've been doing personal growth and development for YEARS, missing this essential piece can set anyone up for frustration and eventual disaster.
Creativity and Inspiration
Have you ever felt stuck for an idea or needing some inspiration? 

When creativity is blocked, important projects can be sidelined for weeks or even months. 

In Module 2, you'll find ONE simple hack that will open you up to divine inspiration.  
Brain Balancing for Enahnced Productivity
To express YOUR full potential, you need access to both sides of your brain. The two sides need to be talking and having a productive conversation, rather than yelling at one another.

You'll learn a simple, yet powerful exercise to balance your brain, and you can do it in 30 seconds or less.

This powerful little technique does about 100 other amazing things for your body and brain too.
Get Grounded in 37-seconds or less....
Now, you might be thinking, "I already know grounding, I’m super grounded, I've got this." That's what many people think until...

...they realize just how easy it is to get sent spinning!

You'll discover the warning signs for when you're disconnecting, and learn a fool-proof technique to help you plug in and STAY plugged in 37 seconds or less!
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This is not a 'One-and-done' program, which is why we want you to have LIFETIME access.

Whether you're brand new to the 'Energy' conversation, or if you've been studying for years, you'll find a layer of depth to add a new dimension to your practice and your life.  
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You'll receive a ticket to our annual healing conference in Southern California. You can even bring a friend! 

Dates are December 1-2, 2018
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