Create Miracles In Your Life...On Demand! want to feel vibrant, healthy, resilient... 

It can seem like a miracle is needed when your health is challenged or when you can't seem to bounce back.

Maybe you want off medication, or you want to wake up with youthful energy, or you are ready to have your life on track feeling fantastic. 

  • If you wish pray, hope and cry, and still don't feel good or bright, light, & positive
  • You try all kinds of formulas and it works a time or two
  • You can get a parking space, but beyond that? Not so much
  • You see other people having vitality, joy ,good relationships & prosperity...but every time you go for it...meh is about all that occurs

...know what I mean?

You have to work harder than others and then you consider how hard you would have to work (ie: 24/7) to get the results you want and… it just seems futile. That's when you throw your hands in the air and give up hope.

Miracles seem possible but too far out of your reach!

It’s like you have an idea from the movies that divine intervention is the only solution.

But truth is you’ve actually been able to create some small miracles, like parking spots, or you find money (and then it evaporates), but the REAL miracles you know are possible for you don’t show up. Even if you do have the small ones they don’t happen consistently. This is endlessly frustrating.

Maybe you didn’t know that there is a formula for creating miracles and this is why you’re here.

If this is why you’re here keep reading…

Here's What People Are Saying...

Christie Helwig
Massage Therapist and Healer

"Energy Mastery helps me to maintain my own energy so that I have more to share with others.

I don't see any limitations with Energy Mastery"

Steve Brinton
Muscle Testing Academy

"Energy Mastery called me at every level of my being- Mind, Heart and Spirit."

Jennifer Gotteman
Feng Shui Expert and Real Estate Agent

"Sales Conversations are smoother and more successful. My husband and kids are happier, healthier and our house is peaceful and calm-- which is amazing for a house with 3 little boys in it!"

There’s More To the Story than ‘Mindset’ and ‘Positive Thinking.’

You see, mindset ISN'T the miracle you’re waiting for.

Positive thinking doesn’t even keep you happy!

Your BRAIN knows that anything is possible, but you’re not seeing proof and you keep looking for all the ways you can’t have your miracle.

But really, your brain only knows the formula teachers in school taught you and parents taught and very few, if any of those folks were miracle makers.

You’ll have to get the patterns that your brain has adopted and adapted to into a new groove of miracle making.

Decoding Nature’s Laws Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Did you know that there is a scientific method, nature uses, to creating miracles? Of course, because Miracles aren’t supernatural phenomena. They are the NATURAL LAWS being expressed in a way that our brains don’t comprehend, nor does the brain know what order to use them to get that miracle.

So there’s one thing that is imperative, meaning essential, that no one talks or teaches about and it’s something you use to have basic life.

And it all comes down to, well maybe you guessed it, your ENERGY.

"What about my energy?" is likely what your brain is asking. Maybe you do already work on your energy and you say, "It’s fine."

That’s good, but are you getting the miracles you want and need day in and day out without them ever stopping. that’s good question to ask yourself.

Is Your Energy Tuned to Miracle Making?

If you are working on your energy you may actually have a significant misunderstanding about energy and miracle making.

But often this misunderstanding leads to chaos, confusion, disappointment and less than what you truly desire.

It’s such a dramatic misunderstanding and it is keeping you from the people, places, things, prosperity, vibrant health, healing etc. that are rightfully yours. You may even end up further from your goal than before.

Energy Mastery® Changes Lives...

Tinamarie testimonial.png

This is for you if you want to have more clarity, focus, ease, prosperity, energy and vitality.

Here is what you’ll learn in this 8-Module Course...

Tap into nature's hidden formula for miracle making... 

So while you’re here, are you ready for something completely different?

You see, it’s a method that is actually a much simpler method than anything else and it works way faster so you can...

  • Have resilience and bounce back
  • Have a great day or night when others are having their own stuff and you get to keep your great day
  • Increased energy levels that you haven’t had for a long while
  • Seem to get more done with ease than you think possible
  • Have a leap in your income and prosperity
  • Make peace with circumstances that are difficult in work environments
  • Have more clarity and focus
  • And so much more…

Truly, this is about creating MIRACLES to feel vibrant, healthy, resilient, and super-positive. Miracle making applies to every area of your life.

Your brain has been trained to believe that you only get one or two miracles in a lifetime, when in fact...

Some people think that if they just work hard enough, then their miracle will happen because they’ve finally earned it. Yet, you can only work so hard before your body will fatigue and break down. Then, you’ll need a health miracle in addition to the miracle you were trying to create in the first place!!

Did you know that there’s a particular quality of energy you need to have to create your own miracles?

Without the unique quality of mastering your energy you can't get as far enough. Most often, people hit a wall far before their capacity, and that's because it's about the energy first. You don't have to have this happen. 

It’s not about healing your energy. It's about something far greater...

Mantras and mindset will only get you about 4% of your desired miracle.

When you decide you want to go after the formula for your own miracle your inner critic will slam you to stop you from going into a new zone of possibility. The Secret Energy of Miracles Formula truly helps you conquer your negativity, scarcity, and obstacles. 

If you’ve ever felt like obstacles seem to come up just as soon as you figure out where you want to go, this is why!

It’s kinda like this…

...recall when you’ve felt good after a massage and your body is sore, or you did a whole bunch of affirmations and your whole day is crap and you don’t know why.

Well those work for about a hot minute but not for the long haul.

Your miracle-making formula is inside.

 Imagine feeling like a new you, day in and day out, with a process that is as important as taking a shower or brushing your teeth, except it’s designed for you to create your own miracles in short order.

Like…miracles on demand!

Yep I get it you’re saying, “Ehhhhh...not possible!” Well the truth is energetics is what’s behind the curtain of all of nature’s miracles but it is a formula and one where it’s been used by thousands.

You know you deserve to live a life that is filled with ease and grace, abundance and happiness at every step of the way. You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to take this formula and apply it to your life.

And you don’t have to wait one more second to get the tools you need. These unique miracle creating tools are shared with you in video classroom style, where you watch as if you’re part of the class, participate in your home or office and get the results.

This formula is called THE SECRET ENERGY OF MIRACLES and you can start learning right now in our exclusive program.

The folks who have succeeded at using this formula watch, listen and watch again and the results pour in fast.

You may want to have your own miracles...

One thing that you have to begin with is you have to have one thought that a miracle is possible for you or else what I’m about to share won’t work. You see many people already begin the search for a miracle with walls of skepticism and ideas that nothing will work them.

But if you’re open to one miracle let’s keep going … just for a minute.

Those walls of skepticism may not be from inside you but they sound like...

  • Oh you’re just not smart enough...
  • Isn’t that just too much to ask for?!
  • Why would you be the exception?
  • It’s gotta take a long time and cost a lot!
  • Only greedy people ask for miracles!
  • Shouldn’t you just be grateful for what you have?
  • Hard work is the only way, and no guarantees at that, for the miracle.
  • Life isn’t magical.

Maybe you’ve read about people who have had miracles and then it all went away.

Well truth is you have to know the sequence of the steps to take to get a miracle and keep on having them day in and day out.

The Secret Energy of Miracles

photo-1542353436-312f0e1f67ff.jpgModule 1: Banish Stress and Achieve Resilience

 Have you ever felt like your energy is ‘off,’ but you just didn’t know what the heck was going on, or how to fix it? Well we dive in and give you the exact formula right away for shoring up your energy, eliminating stress and getting into resilience.

Most people are running an energy deficit daily and winding up depleted and you’ll learn to turn things around and get back on top.

photo-1543286386-2e659306cd6c.jpgModule 2: Miracle Hacking

Have you ever felt stuck for an idea? Waiting for inspiration that never seems to really land or make sense? You’ll discover ONE simple hack that will open you up to your unique style of divine inspiration.

After you learn this, challenging situations become your greatest opportunities to expand and grow- without all the stress and drama.

Or, if you want to play at an even higher level, you’ll also learn how to solve problems before they even happen.

photo-1554148514-b523e7726895.jpgModule 3: The Words of Miracle Making to Reveal Your Hidden Traps and Unwind Them

This Module, you'll learn exactly what words YOU have been using that are sabotaging your energy and miracles and get the right ones in the right order so you get on track with the formula for your greatest rewards.

photo-1519458524098-335b2a5747b2.jpgModule 4: Having the Right Answers is Hidden in the Most Natural Thing You didn't Know You Needed

This one little exercise will empower you beyond measure for body, spirit, connection, mind, results and consistent miracles. … FAST!

photo-1584447528608-7817bb50cab8.jpgModule 5: The Elegant Solution Out of Fear and Negativity


In Module 5, you’ll learn to deal with the lower emotions of fear, anxiety, worry and frustration in a much more ELEGANT way. You don’t have to go through years of therapy and dredge up decades old experiences to resolve these emotions when you understand how to solve them at the energetic level.

Finally, emotional freedom!

photo-1594387817286-cacff623441d.jpgModule 6: No More Funky Space or Weird Energy and Finally Have Amazing Energy

Have you ever had a person come into your space and leave a funky residue? Yuck!

Over time, that funky energy builds up and even amplifies over time and before you know it, you’ve got a hot mess on your hands.

When your inner space and outer space are in harmony through this method, you’ll have another step to the miracle formula that keeps you in your zone of amazing.

photo-1525447153550-9b38670d8fcc.jpgModule 7: The One Secret That Has Set You Up to Fail, Not Heal and Create Your Miracle

Have you ever felt like, "Oh my gosh, I’ve done so many different things to solve my issues, I should be done with this by now!"

Or maybe you’ve thought, "I dealt with that issue years ago, I’m good, I’m done," and then, out of nowhere, it rears it’s head again.

It’s actually one of the biggest and best kept secrets behind miracle making and healing and we reveal it, share it and teach you how to use this very ease oriented process.

photo-1505455184862-554165e5f6ba.jpgModule 8: Accessing Your Full Potential

Our modern world can leave us a little...shall we say- LESS than balanced. Learn to express YOUR full potential inside and out while enhancing more of your brain.

In this final yet incredibly powerful segment of Secret Energy of Miracles, Sheevaun teaches a simple, yet ancient set of moves and you can do in 30 seconds or less.

As you continue to practice this one simple technique, you’ll actually become SMARTER day by day.

In total, you’ll learn over 20 powerful and practical tools that will allow you to achieve more clarity and focus than you ever thought possible.

AND, you’ll be part of a community that really ‘gets’ it. Not just the woo woo esoteric teachings, but the nuts and bolts of how to LIVE higher teachings in your everyday life. Because you may have been raised by regular, hard-working folks, but there is MAGIC in your blood, and you deserve to live a life filled with MIRACLES.

These modules are delivered in an easy-to-use website that you can access any time. Because the teachings in this course are deep, and you’ll definitely want to revisit them again and again to get ALL the precious gems.

Imagine the miracles you’ll create.