The 5-Day Energy Detox Challenge is Right for You if... 

  • You take your health and well-being seriously and want the best tools and information available. 
  • You've heard a lot of different opinions about energy, and you want to know what works and what doesn't. 
  • You want to take action, and you're willing to do the work, but you're not sure what methods are worth your time, effort, energy, and money. 
  • You want input and guidance from an expert in energy healing so you can be more empowered in your own energy and life. 
  • You want to connect with a group of people who "get" the energy conversation, and are positive & proactive, without all the fluff and magical thinking. 
  • Energy Mastery®

    “I seem to have lots of ideas flowing! I was able to get off the emotional roller coaster these past 5 days 😊 I’m blown away by the depth of this information and so grateful to be here 🙏🙏🙏💗✨💗✨💫”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “I have watched and rewatched everyday... and each time a new little nuggets.This is a fantastic recommendation!”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “My mind is more clear and able to concentrate better and more calm. ”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “I have the overall sense that everything is finally going to be ok.”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “Today i feel a lot lighter. Overall I am calm centered, and have a lot more energy today, so now what to do with this energy?!”

Energy Mastery®

Join the 5-Day Challenge to Detox Your Energy

People who value their health do cleanses and detoxes for their physical body all the time. When was the last time you did an "Energy Detox?" 

Everything is Energy, and we're living in an increasingly toxic world. News and media spreading fear, confusion and anxiety. Constantly bombarded by EMFs and other radiation. Uncertainty and confusion in a world that's changing faster than we can keep up. Wounded people projecting their traumas on others with frustration and anger. 

These are just a few of the things we're exposed to on a daily basis, and there is an energetic impact for all over it. Those who are more sensitive are the first to take the hit. 

Here's how the Energy Detox Works...

Release the Toxic Links of Life

Toxic links drain your vital energy, leaving you exhausted. They also feed toxic energy into your system, making it harder for your system to reset and restore.

Feeling lethargic or exhausteddifficulty focusing, over-empathizing and taking on the emotions of others, poor sleep, and sadness are a few of the most common symptoms of Toxic Links. 

Learn to release these links every day to keep your energy light, free, and clear. 

Restore Your Vital Energy

It takes a lot more than a cup of coffee or an energy drink to restore your vital energy. 

Sleep is one part of the formula, but did you know that there are simple practices you can do throughout the day to restore your energy in a matter of minutes? 

You'll learn a step-by-step process that you can use anytime, anywhere to come straight back to center- no matter what's going on around you- and raise your energy levels and frequency in the process. 

Refocus Your Intention

If you've been on your spiritual journey, you've probably set good intentions in the past, then got distracted with work and life. 

It's nearly impossible to hear the voice of intuition through the noise and interference of the modern world.

Refocus your energy so you can stay true to your Soul and be a powerful force for good in your world. 

Meet Sheevaun, Founder of Energy Mastery®

Sheevaun has written many books on alternative healing techniques and practices in addition to personally working with tens of thousands of clients. You are in expert hands and will have at your fingertips a wealth of tested information and experience to ask your most important questions.  

Energy Mastery® is a culmination of many eons of teachings from around the world, synthesized through years of study and practice.



When does the challenge officially begin? 

The MOMENT you register. You'll receive access to the video recordings so you can begin right away. 

Where is this challenge happening? 

In our Online Lab. You'll get access to login as soon as you register. 

How long will I have access to the recordings? 

For LIFE! 

What can I do to get started right away? 

Great question! Enter your details on this page. Hit submit. And you'll be on your way!