If you are more sensitive to energy...

you have to pay attention to you health more diligently and even more carefully than others.

When someone is more sensitive to energy and may even take on others’ energies their health body needs to be finely tuned and receive different healing notes to have vibrant health.

This audio is a powerful fourteen minutes that takes you on a journey of all the parts of your body and helping them to heal or restore balance. There are specific and very unique aspects of this audio that helps your organs detox and restore, and anything that is a challenge healthwise to release and then reset to a healthy state.

There are several colors, energies, tones and harmonics that are used in this that you will greatly benefit from.

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Reclaim Your Health was designed for a client who wanted to have more energy, feel better every day and have a meditative type journey that would help them heal and recover from the stressors of life.

The client that this was designed for had health issues that were solved from our Energy Mastery teachings, which you have learned about in the ebook. She had the idea that if she took home my voice taking her through some of my unique processes of healthy energy cleanses that she would get even more healthy faster.

If you want to feel better than ever, whether you have something going on health wise or no, then this audio will give you more..

  • Confidence with getting out into the world
  • Help solve energy deficiencies
  • Restore imbalances and
  • Help your mind body have more synergy to get back to a place of “feeling wonderful”
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    “My mind is more clear and able to concentrate better and more calm. ”

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    “I have the overall sense that everything with my health and energy is finally going to be ok.”

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    “I feel a lot lighter. Overall I am calm centered, and have a lot more Energy today, so now what to do with this Energy?!”

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How Great Do You Want to Feel? 

It's proven that the proper use of energetics for the body and mind can help facilitate spontaneous healing. 

This download allows you to release the subtle and physical aspects of “dis-ease” and continue your journey toward vibrant health. Listen often to allow the body repair itself using its natural self-repair mechanisms and bring balance to the many aspects of your body's systems.

Warning:  May cause miracles.

You'll Experience...

  • Deep relaxation enhancing your natural recovery processes.
  • Release negative and toxic energy stored in your cells and organs. 
  • Increase in the natural flow of energy and vitality. 
  • Restore your physical and energetic resilience.

Meet Sheevaun, Founder of Energy Mastery®

Sheevaun has written many books on alternative healing techniques and practices in addition to personally working with tens of thousands of clients. You are in expert hands and will have at your fingertips a wealth of tested information and experience to ask your most important questions.  

Energy Mastery® is a culmination of many eons of teachings from around the world, synthesized through years of study and practice.